About Michelle Dove

Michelle Dove, a Chartered Engineer and Lean Specialist who made a transition to fashion via personal styling.  Michelle specialises in positive transformation and development to help businesses solve their problems and become more effective, flexible, and adaptive, while enabling them to reduce costs and be more profitable.

Michelle has over 20 years experience as a lean expert and programme director including a successful career at the world’s pioneer and leader of lean, Toyota.  Michelle has taken her experiences from Toyota and applied them to other multinational corporations.


Drawing on her experience of working both in the private and public sectors, she has adapted the lean methodology to the creative industry, focusing on subjects such as continuous improvement, customer service, process analysis, organisational culture, value adding, and waste reduction.

Michelle is a Birmingham University alumnus with a double honours degree in Manufacturing Engineering and Commerce with Japanese.

She has also attended courses at the London College of Fashion and the NHJ Style Academy and has worked with some of the top personal stylists since starting her own business in 2010.